As my 25th birthday approached I began to feel anxious, like I had a dead line and I wasn’t going to make it. It was that same horrible feeling at 11pm the day before an assignment is due and you’re still procrastinating because you just can’t bare to pull yourself behind a desk and start writing.

After A LOT of over-analysis and long midnight chats with my rock friends I figured it out…. One day, I will not be a part of this world anymore. My life has a deadline. As depressing as this may sound it really isn’t depressing at all. As with an assignment you ideally want to fit as much information in as possible – and a deadline gives you the motivation to go get that information.

The problem is you can’t leave your life till the last minute – because you don’t know when the last minute is… and thus my mantra till the Last page began to form.

My philosophy for living life stems from a very simple concept:

If someone was to write the “KazzaBee story”, what would a reader feel as they turned to the last page?

This for me was easy to answer. I want my story to be an epic novel that the reader doesn’t want to put down. It’s the kind of story that has joy – it makes you laugh, it has tragedy – it makes you cry, it has love – it makes you swoon, it has heart-break, it has friendship, it has adventure, it takes you out of your comfort zone and drops you back into it, it makes you believe that the impossible is possible. It makes you think, it makes you question your beliefs. The reader looks at the clock – it’s 3am, “just one more chapter” they murmur, it’s 4am “just one more”, 5am “oh but the next bit”,  finally they slowly almost unwillingly turn to the Last page knowing it’s going to be over and then “gasp” the reader exclaims in shock!

Alas there is no ending to my story, not because there was still more to come but rather because not for one second did my story ever feel like it was winding up, getting ready to be over… it was an adventurous, it was thrilling, it was full.

Truth and adventure till the Last page, stay safe

KazzaBee x

Everything I’ve ever had the follow through to take out of my diary and turn into a blog post can be found below….

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