I’m Kazzabee, thanks for stopping by. Please make yourself at home. Would you like a doona and a fluffy pillow? I just love a fluffy pillow.

I spent most of my childhood in Melbourne, Australia with a brief stint in Lae, Papua New Guinea. Since leaving home 8 years ago, I’ve bounced around Australia and have called Canberra, Adelaide, Darwin and Brisbane home at one point or another.

I’m the daughter of a two amazing people who raised my brilliant BIG bro and I in an incredibly idyllic and loving home; advocating the importance of equality, acceptance and education.

I’m an ESTJ and thrive on organising and categorising– in my day job, my totally rad, awesome amazing friend’s lives (my gorgeous friend Margstar left me in her house for three hours by myself once and when she came home I’d completely rearranged her lounge-room furniture), my social life and my future life. I live in a world of plans and lists – and I don’t like the idea of free-time.


Please feel free to grab a hot drink, settle in and read some of my archives (located in the Last page). I adore people who challenge my opinions and thoughts about the world, so please do feel free to disagree with me. Also feel free to agree with me because I also love thinking that I am completely justified in my thoughts. Hee hee hee. If you’re looking for a bit of direction, the Last page link explains what my blog is all about but if that’s too dull and you’re not overly fussed, maybe just poke about and see what takes your fancy.

Truth and adventure till the Last page, stay safe

KazzaBee x


7 thoughts on “HI, I’M KAZZABEE

    • Hi there, it’s nice to meet you too!
      Thanks for your kind words about this blog and I hope I can sustain your interest! I haven’t met too many ENFPs along the way, though some of my best friends are INFPs… funny, the saying about opposites must be true!
      Stay safe,

  1. You are living a very interesting life style. I’d love to do what you, I think it’d be an amazing experience.

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