Crocs Rock!

I LOVE Darwin’s dry season!

Darwin is the smallest and most Northern Australian capital. Its total population sits at around 127,000 and it combines fabulous weather and Outback charm to create a Backpacker’s Mecca in the dry season.

Lucky for me, it’s dry season in Darwin right now and I’m in Darwin!

For all the times I’ve spent in Darwin, I’ve never done a crocodile cruise. Shocking because the Top End is perhaps best known for its crocodiles. There’s a brilliant local newspaper up here called the NT News which publishes very little of substance; however, you can almost guarantee that once a week it will publish a story about a crocodile turning up in a family swimming pool or someone swimming somewhere they shouldn’t or just a reminder about croc safety – that’s how common crocodiles are in the Territory’s landscape. So, this weekend I took my mate Dadzy and drove 64km south of Darwin along the Arnhem highway to the Adelaide River in search of a crocodile cruise.

Here’s a few piccies from the day.

Morning webs. Nothing says “Good Morning” in the outdoors like the sparkle of dew on a web.

As the sun began to heat the water, the crocs came out to play. This one was a large male that they called Brutus.

Enticed by a chunk of meat, a croc leaps up showing us it’s prehistoric form!

A Whistling Kite flew by.

Me! Enjoying the wildlife.

T’was a lovely morning with Adelaide River CruisesIf you find yourself in the Top End, this should be on your Carpe Diem list.

I’m heading down South for a couple of weeks, but hopefully i’ll get time to do a bit of reading to learn more about these magnificent creatures and will update you with a more informative post in the next few days.

Till then, truth and adventure till the Last page, stay safe,

Kazza x

One thought on “Crocs Rock!

  1. Dear Kazzabee

    An interesting fact for you. The Freshwater Croc (Johnstons) is the only croc that gallops. And its feet move out of sync. This trait evolved, possibly, to escape from the Saltie, which will eat its smaller cousin– given half a chance.

    There is some great footage of the galloping croc taken from the BBC Documentary Weird Nature 1996, Episode 1 Marvelous Motions: this is a YouTube excerpt.

    Now isn’t that interesting.

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