DEFINITELY NOT ON MY CARPE DIEM LIST – Being Carted off to Hospital in an Ambulance

Every now and then we all have unique life experiences which are not necessarily fun or something we plan for. I had such an experience on Tuesday when I woke up to a searing pain through my lower back and subsequently couldn’t get out of bed. I mean literally. I couldn’t even roll over. My muscles physically wouldn’t let me.

As I mentioned last week, I’m currently away from home with a project for work. No friends for hundreds of miles around. Luckily my phone was sitting next to my bed and I could reach over to call one of my work colleagues. With tears flowing and with no ability to stand or walk the decision was made to call an ambulance.

Happily sucking on my pain relief whistle

Within 20 minutes, a paramedic had given me a green whistle to suck on for pain relief and I was in the back of the ambulance on my way to hospital. I’m not quite sure why I was being prodded with an intravenous but none the less I was. I was prodded three times before I explained in my incredibly helpful and drugged up state to Caroline (the lovely paramedic in the back of the ambo with me) that my veins are never very good.

From my vast experience in being prodded by needles (calm down, I just donate blood every three months) I am well aware that my veins are terrible. Most of my veins collapse the moment a needle goes in. There’s only one vein half way up my right arm that won’t collapse on contact. Couple this with the fact that it was a cold morning and I hadn’t drunk any water since the night before, poor Caroline had no chance.

I arrived at the hospital, still in pain and was progressively given more and more pain killers. By the time I saw the doctor I’d maxed out with the entire cocktail menu – three sets of tablets, two needles, some morphine, a whistle and some anti-inflammatories. After all of this, I could move but was still in a lot of pain.

Kazzabee in the Ambulance

This is me looking quite happy because I’m high on morphine in hospital entertaining myself with instagram while waiting for the Doctor.

After being examined by the Doctor and Physio I was told that I’ve somehow managed to shift a disc in my lower back which is now putting pressure on my spinal nerves, hence severe pain. Severe pain can apparently cause your brain to switch off movement to prevent further injury.

The important stuff:

Cure – All I can do is eat pain-killers (prescribed by the doc) like they’re lollies and rest. Then as my body sorts itself out, build up exercise slowly and work on my core strength to prevent further like injuries.

Recovery time – Anything from 2 weeks to never. I just have to be careful and hope for the best.

Well peeps – I’m giving this body 10 weeks to recover and then I’m scheduled to climb a mountain with or without it!

Truth and adventure till the Last page, stay SUPER safe

Kazzabee x

2 thoughts on “DEFINITELY NOT ON MY CARPE DIEM LIST – Being Carted off to Hospital in an Ambulance

  1. i know you know this, but – look after that body! it does so (too?) much and is set to do so (too?) much more. hope you’re mostly ok now. thanks for the insight into the interiors of an ambulance, interesting

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