In Australia it is not particularly difficult to escape the bright lights of the city in order to see the stars. Mainly because we don’t have too many big cities.

I find that the more difficult task is to prioritise to actually stop and do it. To remember that the stars are there and all we need to do is stop and look up. When was the last time you properly looked at the stars?

I went for a long walk to clear my head after a late finish at work the other night. As I powered forward looking out to the horizon, I caught sight of a shooting star. For the first time in a long time, I stopped and took a moment to look up to that magical expanse above us. I literally gasped at the enormousness and beauty that so many nights I ignore.

The darkness so evenly speckled with tiny pin pricks of light always leaves me with a sense of calm. It seems to have the magical power of being able to suck out any stress or negative energy that I keep hidden and stuffed behind “more important tasks” and replaces them with feelings of hope and wonder.

Big Bro bought me a reproduction of Starry Night for my 21st Birthday. It now hangs over my bed.

Big Bro bought me a reproduction of Starry Night for my 21st Birthday. It now hangs over my bed.

 When I overanalyse, as I am so prone to do, I feel like a lot of the negativity for me is caused by lack of certainty. The only thing I am truly afraid of is the unknown. To combat this fear I look to my favourite painting, Van Gogh’s Starry Night for comfort and remind myself of some words that Van Gogh said himself:

 “For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream.”

I take comfort in my dreams. By dreaming, the unknown is filled and consequently is no longer scary.

Big breath in, let it out and enjoy the calm.

With this in mind my FIRST CHALLENGE for you is to:


Get your calendar out if you have to. Physically schedule yourself a night to go somewhere that you can see the stars properly. Have a walk, take a deep breath in the night air and look up at the sparkling night sky. Succumb to the magic. Let the negativity be sucked out from within you. Let yourself dream of the possibilities for the future and smile. 

If you do live in a city, why not take a trip to your nearest observatory. Most observatories do a night show.

For those of you who want to know a little bit more about shooting stars, here’s some fun facts:

• Shooting stars aren’t stars at all; they’re actually small rocks colliding with the Earth’s atmosphere.

• It’s been estimated that you can see a shooting star every 10-15 minutes throughout the night.

• We can see more shooting stars around dawn because this is when we are facing the direction that the Earth is moving and thus we intercept more stuff in space.

Truth and adventure till the Last page, stay safe

KazzaBee x

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