Pop M’art in Melbourne

I love Melbourne, its my hometown. Melbourne is so full of eclecticism. Melbourne brings together a vibrant mix of cultures, colours, architecture and weather into a relatively compact city.

The catalyst for my visit back to my hometown was the celebration of my gorgeous friends Kim and Jason’s engagement. I met Kim (click here to see her blog) in high-school. Kim has an awesome and unique sense of style, an uncanny artistic talent and a love for animals which has inspired her into her current line of work as a vet. Kim and Jason met in Perth at University. Kim was studying vet and Jase was a PHD Candidate. Since then, their love has blossomed and they have grown with each-other into an adorable, supportive, loving couple that the rest of us can only hope to be.  Frankly, they’re that annoying couple who are always just perfect and I love them for it.

The gorgeous Kim and dashing Jase

Picture by PopMart

True to their awesome, amazing, unique couple-style; rather than opt for a traditional engagement party, Kim and Jase decided to have an Engagement Day and met people for different activities at different times around Melbourne.

I joined them as the day turned to night at a stereotypical Melbourne bar, down a grungy back alley off China Town.

Section 8 on Tattersalls Lane

Picture by PopMart

Not so stereotypically, Kim and Jase had booked us in to a Pop M’art session!

Pop M’art is a pop up art studio. It’s an art studio that appears in random places around Melbourne City; wherever the facilitators feel inspired that day. If you’ve booked in, they’ll text you as to the meeting location but passer-bys are also free to join in too. They provide the easels, canvas and paint and you provide the creativity.

We spent the evening painting while the booze flowed (for those who drank) freely.

Such a simple concept (painting in a bar) turned out to be an incredibly fun activity. Our paintings became a wonderful collection of expression that Jase and Kim will now have in their home forever.

Here’s my painting for the happy couple.

Picture by PopMart

If you’re a little curious or want to give this a go, you should visit the studio’s website at:


Truth and adventure till the Last page, stay safe

KazzaBee xo

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