Wine Glass Bay is Stunning (but cold)

And in honour of time travel, let’s go back to the first day of this year. After a fantastic New Years Eve at Sydney Harbour with half a dozen of my girlies and two boys; Brucey, Jack and I kicked off the New Year by jumping on a plane and heading down to Tasmania to walk the Freycinet Peninsular Circuit.

The Freycinet Peninsular Circuit is considered one of Australia’s Great Short Walks. It was quite an easy walk (okay easy if you are a walking person, probably more moderate for non walking people… Brucey definitely whinged a bit, but we only love her more for it), we did it in two days.

Here’s a few pics.


The stunning Wine Glass Bay



Spent the night here at Cooks Beach



Almost finished. Brucey pulling a face, Jack unaware of any such photo


I’d been wanting to go for a walk in Tasmania for quite some time and in fact I booked flights to go down to Tassie in Easter 2012, however my health and my work pulled some serious gang-up antics and I had to cancel. Stoopid health and work. Either way, 18 months passed the first attempt to get down there, tick, I did a walk in Tassie… and what a splendid way to start what turned out to be a pretty awesome year!

In Retrospect

As you can see looking at the right hand side of this page – I’ve only just started posting on this blog again. It’s not because I didn’t want to write – but rather because I can be a massive procrastinator and life was really quite busy and full. Either way, I wish I’d kept it up because I really do get a lot of joy from writing things down. I feel my thoughts categorise. I feel as if by putting it out onto the web it frees space in my brain. I definitely sleep a lot better after I’ve written something. Anyhoo, forgive me but I’m going to slowly share some of the fun things I did over the last 18 months slowly whenever I feel like it and bounce in and out of the past and the present like I have a superpower.

Good Doco – Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Have you seen it?

I do realise that I’m very late to the party on this one. I read about Jiro Dreams of Sushi many months ago, but only got around to watching it on Sunday. My parents came over for dinner and as the food settled in our over stuffed bellies we popped it on.

To be quite frank, I felt it was good… but I don’t think it necessarily deserves the hype that it’s created on the interwebs.

Quick summary. Jiro is an 85 year old sushi chef (master) who owns a tiny restaurant in Tokyo called Sukiyabashi. The restaurant seats 9-10 people, doesn’t have its own bathroom, a sitting starts at $300 and it has been awarded 3 Michelin stars. Since he was 10, Jiro has spent every day perfecting the art of making and serving sushi. The doco focuses on the pursuit of perfection through dedication and the relationship between Jiro and his eldest son who bound by respect, tradition and culture will spend his life in his father’s shadow.

What I found most interesting about this doco, was not the portrayal of Jiro, but rather the illustration of those that worked for him. Jiro’s eldest son, in his 50s, is still working in his father’s restaurant; striving for perfection in Jiro’s life’s work, seeking approval from his father in his daily actions. It is strangely both inspiring and sad to me. I’m inspired by the devotion, dedication and respect these men have for their family, their traditions and their art – but I’m also saddened by the limitation that such devotion and dedication seems to have forced upon them. Their existence appears to revolve around rice, fish and the social status that it has brought them. To me, it somehow doesn’t feel like enough to fulfil a life – yet for these men, it does.

If you get a chance, give it a crack – was well worth a Sunday night viewing.

On a side note – how lovely is a family dinner followed by a good doco?

So lovely to spend time with Mama and Papa bear. xx



As defined by the ever so easy to access

Ennui – a feeling of utter weariness and discontent resulting from satiety or lack of interest; boredom

I love this word.


Waiting for the next adventure


I’m the kind of person who does things with my whole heart. The result is that when whatever it is that I am doing ends or is finished; I’m left with an unbearable sense of emptiness and lack of drive until the next project, holiday, job, etc starts.

Take now, I’ve just finished up a job where I was working 15 hour days regularly, travelling interstate weekly and at least monthly found myself overseas. When my contract finished, I celebrated a job well done by hoping on a plane to sit on a Pacific Island for a week. Having returned home, I’ve found that I’m left with a pause before the next adventure.

It’s almost as if my life is a series of exciting moments separated by periods of intense treading water. Of course treading water doesn’t last too long. In this instance, 4 weeks.
4 weeks between ending my intense job and moving interstate!

Ennui. Sigh.

Carpe Diem #144 – Put my hands in the air on the Fastest Roller Coaster in the World!

I spent a good chunk of the last 8 months working (with very minimal time off) as a temporary resident in UAE. Unfortunately I was either chained to a desk or travelling on a tight agenda for work most of the time, which meant I didn’t really get to see as much of the place as I would have liked… but I did what I could.

One of the cool things I got to do was tick off Carpe Diem #144 – Put my hands in the air on the Fastest Roller Coaster in the World! The Fastest Roller Coaster in the World is at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi.

My friend Ace and I at the point off take off!

My friend Ace and I at the point off take off! (Sorry it’s so little , photo of a photo.)

Named Formula Rossa this rollercoaster goes from 0-240km/h (149mph) in about 5 seconds! Unbelievably Fun! Not sure what more there is to say about it. I couldn’t stop smiling and giggling once it was over. Love, love, loved it!

Super Fun!

Super Fun!

Some of the other stuff you can do at Ferrari World (that isn’t nearly as cool as Formular Rossa) include; race car simulators (you can race against your mates, history of Ferrari doco movies, a couple of other roller-coasters, one of those plunging tower rides, interactive exhibits for how Ferrari make their cars and the list goes on. All in all, a good day out with an uber uber fun moment. 

Ferrari World

Ferrari World

Ferrari World

Ferrari World

Till the Last page, stay safe,

Kazza x

Wolverine! Sabretooth!

Well that’s about all I’m going to do on Africa for the time being. However, while I’m on the topic of animals (seals in particular)… here’s a fun little YouTube Clip.

Wolverine!!! Sabretooth!!!!

There’s a whole set of talking animal clips produced by the BBC called “Walk on the Wild-Side”. My favourites are “Steve, Steve, Steve, Alan?” and “Night-time, Day-Time” are my favourties! Continue reading

Animals of Africa # 5 – Cape Fur Seals

As you can probably tell from some of my past Africa Posts (Lions, Elephants, Zebras, Hippos), I kind of like stalking learning and photographing animals. So often I find that when I’m watching wildlife, I get so caught up behind the lens that I end up taking the same photo over and over again. It’s not so noticeable with animals that move quickly (for example crocodiles), but in this case, Cape Fur Seals, I ended up with about 100 photos of essentially the same thing…. seals sitting on rock. Continue reading