Last night we ordered way too many dumplings and then a stranger pranked me

Last night a couple of my girlfriends and I went to Chinatown for dinner. I was rushing to get to the dumpling house after work. By the time I arrived I was physically shaky with an overdose of adrenaline and an under-dose of sugar.

Of course, I immediately ordered, ALL. THE. FOOD.


In fact, I ordered in such haste that in my attempt to add a healthy dish of bok-choi I missed the description on the menu that said “GLUTEN DUMPLINGS with bok-choi”. Yup they were empty dumplings (on the left there)… made of gluten.

After dinner, we wandered to the ever creepy Croft Institute for a night cap.

If you’ve ever been to the Croft Institute it can be quite eerie on a quiet Tuesday night. It is located in Croft alley. Not just a little bit into it, but past numerous dumpsters, back doors, graffiti, puddles and dark corners. When you get there, the place is themed as a crazy science lab. Cocktails are mixed in beakers and syringes are a good alternative to a straw.

The Croft Institute

The Croft Institute

Most eerie on a quiet night however is the “Department of Hygiene” (aka bathroom) located a couple of floors above the actual bar. It’s styled as a dark and dingy waiting room with old school flip back chairs. Within the actual bathroom there is a mank old hospital bed, low lighting, dripping taps, a couple of broken windowpanes and graffitied white tiling.


Just before leaving, I visited the Department of Hygiene and on my way out a complete stranger jumped out at me.

I immediately screamed at the top of my lungs to which this girl screamed back at me – looking just as scared as I felt. Hahaha.

She had been waiting for her friend and I had unsuspectingly come out of the bathroom first! The two of us clung to each other in fright for a few minutes before we collapsed onto the waiting chairs giggling.

My goodness, what a fright.

The thing that is on my mind however, is that in my head I’ve always thought that if something like that were to happen – I’d be a fighter and lash out.

Instead I didn’t fight or flight… I just stood stunned, screaming.

It’s a bit disappointing if not a little worrying.

What sort of reaction is that? Stunned mullet.

Has anyone else been surprised by there reaction to a scare?

Cake and Whisky Wednesday

A few months ago, I gave up chocolate.

I know I know… how could I? Shock! What did chocolate ever do to me?

Well, at the time I was literally eating a block of it every day… and as I can’t seem to do things (mainly eating) in moderation it seemed only reasonable to give it up entirely.

At least until Manface’s birthday. Only one month (thank goodness) of this madness to go.


And so it came to be that shortly after giving up chocolate, on a Wednesday night, I really really craved the stuff.

Instead of caving to the craving (see what I did there), I called my friend Matt and we headed out to a Melbourne Alley for carrot cake. On our way home, we stumbled upon a lovely gem of a whisky bar where we partook in what I can only describe as a surprisingly good whisky “cocktail” (me) and a fancy shmancy whisky “neat” (Matt).

It was about halfway through our drinks when we decreed that every second Wednesday henceforth would be known as “CAKE AND WHISKY WEDNESDAY”!

I have never really been a whisky fan; however, it has now come to my attention (through C&WW) that when paired with cake, whisky is kinda pretty freakin’ awesome.

And so, here we are… another Wednesday.

From the latest installment of C&WW – here are some poor quality instas of Matt and I at Om Nom with our cakes (the word cake is used loosely here as mine arrived at the table with a live flame and felt like a Wonka concoction) and whiskeys (one neat, one a cocktail).

This new tradition, it’s a good un.






Why I became a Scout Leader

Before getting into this post, I would first like to have a little rant about how I am a little bit irritated by my MacBook because it is slipping all over my lap. Why don’t they have grippy things to hold them in place? Or better still why don’t I change to more grippy leggings? Or indeed why don’t I save myself from future back problems and sit up properly at my desk? These are all questions that I do not know the answer to… and will now stop chuntering on about.

Onwards… to the point of this post – last weekend – Scout Leader Training.

Last weekend I went to a Scout Leader training camp at a campsite called Pax Hill. I love that as a child I thought that Pax Hill was a massive campsite…. as it turns out, as a grown-up (hehe, how grown-up can I be if I’m calling myself a grown-up) I can run around the perimeter in about 35 minutes.


Me taking a “role-modelly” self inflating, selfie

Scout Training involved going through a number of ceremonial traditions, talking about policies, laws, and strategies for working with children. I learnt quite a lot by talking to the other leaders and to hear about their own challenges and triumphs in leading different troops.

As a “non-parent” leader I found it particularly interesting to listen to the perspectives of those leaders that are parents, and also to hear about the motivations of other “non-parent” leaders for joining the movement.

For me, I have become a Scout Leader for two big reasons and many small ones.

Firstly, I feel that I am very community orientated and wanted a way to give back to Australian society without having to change the organisation that I volunteer with every time that I move interstate. (I’ve lived in about 5 states and territories in 10 years) Scouts Australia is a national organisation that I can volunteer with across Australia!!!

Secondly and probably primarily, I want to be a role model for young people.

I feel that in the 11-15 age bracket, children often don’t come into contact with many adults in their 20s. It seems to be almost an elusive age group that is missing from community organizations aimed at developing children.

I have a job in a traditionally male-orientated industry. I am university educated. I am unmarried but am happily committed in a long-distance relationship. I live in an apartment in the city.

When do young people come into contact with people like me?

How can young girls be made aware of all their options if the only women they come into contact with are in traditionally female orientated, care-giver roles? (Side-note: I am in total awe of women in traditionally female orientated industries and care giver roles – often such roles are far too undervalued in our society)

I want to be able to passively provide an example of an alternate option to traditional female roles and also to show what it is to be in this phase which is “after-leaving home – before (if ever) having a family… and to be able to actively answer any questions they might have.

And on that note here are a couple of picies from my weekend.

Pax Hill

My tent

Pax Hill

Perfect blue skies all weekend


Pax Hill is a lot smaller than I remember


Traditional Camp Breakfast, egg in a hole, toad in a hole

No one tells you about the monotony

Weekend Flowers

Weekend Flowers

I’m feeling particularly bored at the moment.

I don’t mean momentarily, that right this second I feel bored and need something fun to do.

I mean, this phase in my life – it is boring.

I guess it’s what people refer to as a rut.

I feel so lacking in energy and as if I’m just going through the motions.

I miss feeling passionate and excited about my daily actions. Do you remember when you were a kid and you would bounce out of bed simply because you were excited about coco-pops for breakfast.

Where have the coco-pops gone?

I think it might be one of those things that no one ever tells you. Not during, childhood or adolescence or even really in your early twenties…. actually they still haven’t told me and now I’m in my late twenties.

Life is not always super freakin’ awesome.

Sometimes it is just good… or okay. And sometimes, it is actually just boring. Between the exciting wow moments that life brings, we also have periods where in fact we do just “go through the motions”.

Wake up. Read horribly depressing news. Make (healthy, wholesome) breakfast. Go to work. Stare at wall. Have boring chitchats about other people’s children that you don’t really care about. Earn that income. Eat depressing (healthy but unsatisfying) work day lunch. Day dream about next holiday. Think about long term financial future. Worry about long term financial future. Save that income. Go home. Go to gym. Clean yourself. Feed yourself. Pay bills. Make phone calls. Catch up on work. Go to bed. Repeat.

My goodness the monotony goes on and on…

And you know what? This monotony…it is exhausting!

Sometimes I think the monotony is more exhausting than when every second of my schedule is filled to the brim and I’m bouncing between social commitments, different countries, and activities.

I do try not to fall into the trap of putting my daily life on repeat… but every so often I seem to have periods of time when I lean back into my couch, pull that ever so convenient blanket over my feet and then don’t move for the rest of the night, or many nights.

Hopefully, this record breaks in the very near future. I want a new track to bop to.

Here’s hoping this weekend, have a good one! x

I have the best friends!

Today I arrived home from work to a li’l package in my mailbox.

I really do have the best friends in the world.

Darling J who has been away in Vietnam for the last few weeks, still found time in her schedule this week to send me a little somethin’ somethin’ to make me feel loved.

Just because gift


I particularly enjoyed the note she wrote to me in the card,

‘Something to inspire you to go for a run today, much love x’

Well J, I did go for a run… before I got this awesome surprise – and I’ve strained my groin. Stoopid running. Hahaha.

Heroes can stretch gently too, am I right?

Kata Tjuta

An Oldie circa 2010 during our road trip when I moved from Adelaide to Darwin


Thank you J. You mean the world to me too – I love you!

P.S You may notice from this blog that I have a lot of long distance friendships that I have maintained over the years, I like  this huffy-post snippet that summarises some of the great philosophers thoughts on friendship. Advice to adhere to me thinks.


A last hurrah with La before she ties the knot

Darling La (you can see some of our previous adventures here, here and here) is getting married in a couple of months! To a fantastically lovely man! In Bali!


An oldie from a holiday in NYC a couple of years ago… love that town, so much fun with my lovely La

I have been designated the Maid of Honour (or MOH as Pinterest tells me) and so the task fell on me to organise a kick-ass bachelorette party!

Woot woot, I love a good event organise – it’s the leader/controller in me!

Given that La’s nearest and dearest girlies live across four different States of Australia I decided the only solution (because it is always the only solution) was to create an excel spred sheet!

Ta-dah…. Here’s what we did!

The mighty plan – La’s Bachelorette Party

Along the way we played a few different games…

Truth and Dare – I made these medallions up for the dares and got each of the hens to pin a couple onto their sashes. Once La had completed the dare we would pin it as a badge of honour onto her sash.


The dares

How Well do You Know the Groom – I prearranged with La’s fiancé for him to answer the questions on video first. When we asked the same questions to La, she would answer and then we would play back her fiance’s answers. It was a hoot, and she loved it. Her fiancé also recorded a little “have fun I love you” message for just before we went out for the night.

Favourite Memory of the Bride – We did this while we recovered with big breakfasts the next morning. It is so neat to here the hens tell their version of the stories compared with the Bride to Be’s version.


All of our colourful juices the next morning

All in all, we had a lovely time and home by just after midnight! The best time to get home in my book!

Bring on Bali!

Easter in Cairns and a quick trip to Cape Tribulation

Manface and I spent Easter weekend with our parents in Cairns this year.

My parents have just moved up to Cairns as they transition from full time work to whatever not full time work but not quite retirement is…

It’s their first move in 10 years and I think it’s been so good for them. They look so happy and healthy up in the tropics! In a fortunate twist of fate, Manface’s parents already lived in Cairns – and it’s been great to see our folks get to know each-other over the last couple of months. We couldn’t be more lucky in how it’s all worked out.

Parents, Retirement, Cairns

So I haven’t figured out how to take pictures of the moon rising.. but the moon was totally rising in this picture


I was in desperate need for a good break and it was so good to relax, soak in the warmth of the tropics and to be doted on by both sets of parents!

Whilst up North, we took a quick trip up to Cape Tribulation to see where the Reef meets the Rainforest. Cape Tribulation is about 140km North of Cairns and apparently it is the only place in the world where two World Heritage areas meet – the Daintree and the Great Barrier Reef.

On the way up to the Cape, we stopped off at Port Douglas for breakfast and then at Mossman Gorge for a quick swim.

Port Douglas Breakfast

Yummo Breaky



Mossman Gorge


Once we got to the Cape we made our way to Emmagen beach. To get there, we had about a 5 min rainforest walk and if you weren’t looking for the entrance off the side of the road you would blink and absolutely miss it… kind of makes it more fun that way!

Unfortunately when you are this far North in Australia you can’t swim at the beach. Crocs and Stingers… #straya heheh

However, Emmagen waterhole (also secluded and hard to find) was only a 15 min rainforest walk away – so we took a dip there instead.

To finish our little outing, we grabbed burgers and cider at the information centre on the way out. Ahr, nothing beats waterholes and Australian landscape!

And finally… I just figured out the gallery setting on Word Press! Woo!